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gene produce
  • producir genes

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These genes produce proteins that sit on sensory nerves in the nose, catching different molecules from the air and signalling the brain.
These genes produce proteins that strengthen the connections (synapses) between particular neurones.
These mutant genes produce mutant proteins that have diverse roles within the heart muscle.
These signals can alter the way genes produce proteins or signal other genes and importantly, they can last months or years and are potentially reversible.
The genes produce molecules that interact with gluten proteins and activate the abnormal intestinal response.
But, to their surprise, the majority of the genes produced a very different and striking result.
It is most crucial to propose whether the genes producing depression are fixed or segregating.
And we identified the gene producing this trait.
This editing tool was injected into the eyes of mice and utilized it to modify a gene producing blindness.

Ejemplos de uso para "gene produce" en español

EnglishBesides giving a plant a characteristic which is considered desirable, transferring a gene may also produce an undesirable characteristic.
Además de hacer posible la introducción de alguna característica deseada, el transplante genético puede dar lugar además a la aparición de características perjudiciales.

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