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"gene regulation" en español

gene regulation
  • regulación génica
  • regulación genética

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Even when compacted, there still exists areas called open chromatin that coordinate complex patterns of gene regulation.
Instead, it exploits a natural process of gene regulation.
This early difference was largely due to the crucial process of gene regulation.
Moreover, they are also involved in gene regulation, helping to down regulate the activity of certain genes.
The resulting "chromatin landscape" revealed regions that once seemed dead, but now appear involved in gene regulation.
In a social primate like rhesus macaques, social position produces consistent effects on the gene regulation of the immune system.
The reasons are mostly ethical concerns, since cloning involves a high degree of animal suffering due to interference in the gene regulation of the animals.
The results support our assumption that alcohol permanently alters gene regulation at a very early stage.
In addition, he has a comprehensive knowledge and interest in metabolic bioengineering, secondary metabolite pathways, gene regulation, and bioinformatics.
Gene regulation is critical to how cells function, and regulates inflammation.

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