Qué significa "gene sequencing" en español


"gene sequencing" en español

gene sequencing
  • secuenciación génica
  • secuenciación de genes

Ejemplos de uso para "gene sequencing" en inglés

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The move was said to be to ensure public safety and strengthen the clinical use of gene sequencing and related products.
While the cost of gene sequencing and the molecular techniques have been decreasing rapidly, these are not the only costs in implementing de-extinction.
With recent advances in gene sequencing technology, researchers are able to identify the genes that cause rare diseases quickly and easily.
The software boss has good reason to promote gene sequencing.
They received 30 hair samples in good enough shape to allow gene sequencing.
The latest advances in gene sequencing and molecular breeding are all packed into a single, small object -- a seed.
Quite a few players in the movement toward super-fast, super-cheap gene sequencing see a mix of arcane science, breathless hype, and modest results.
Federal regulations were developed years before recent advances in gene sequencing, electronic health records, and information technology.
To perform the study, researchers compiled the largest gene sequencing analysis to date based on people with very high cholesterol, including more than 26,000 people.
Blood drawn from study subjects was analysed using gene sequencing technology.

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