Qué significa "general air of" en español


"general air of" en español

general air of
  • aire general de

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Apart from that, it seems like a general air of superiority among locals gets many visitors down.
Barry has since apologised for his remarks, but not before confirming a general air of senility and superiority.
Expect lots of rain, lots of hair and a general air of epicness.
However, the movie suffers from distinctly tacky camerawork, mundane dialogs, poor production values and a general air of predictability in its entire narrative.
Many of his families are dysfunctional, embittered and labour under a general air of unhappiness.
Nothing had happened and a general air of optimism prevailed aboard the ferry.
So while there was a general air of positivity at last week's event, nobody is fooled either.
The result was more sharing of resources, of ideas, and a general air of a much larger fair family.
Then there are the sagging, twin-bed dog baskets, the wild profusion of china knicky-knackies and a general air of mothballs and pet hair.

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