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"general audience" en español

general audience
  • público general
  • audiencia general

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A phone call will be made to the winner, followed by an official announcement to a general audience.
And the section for kids 12 and up includes many books intended for a general audience, not just kids.
Did the filmmakers think that would be too boring for a general audience, something to get only the book nerds going?
Few in the financial and political media fully understand this concept, and few academic economists are able to explain it coherently to a general audience.
Because of this they have to speak to a general audience and sometimes their advice is very generic, and often sensational.
I imagine that in this instance, they would argue that the game was for a general audience and so it doesn't fall under that agreement.
I would still like to keep a general audience and mildly be in their favor somehow.
The book, intended for a general audience and not just for psychologists, is written in language anyone can read and follow.

Ejemplos de uso para "general audience" en español

EnglishFeast of our Seraphic Father Saint Francis Benedict XVI, general audience 27.01.2010
Fiesta de nuestro Seráfico Padre San Francisco Benedicto XVI, udiencia general 27.01.2010:
EnglishJohn Duns Scotus (Pope Benedict XVI: General Audience 07.07.2010)
Juan Duns Scoto (Papa Benedicto XVI: Audiencia general 07.07.2010)
EnglishGENERAL AUDIENCE - HOLY WEEK Wednesday, 26 March 1997   We relive saving events of Redemption 1.

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