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"general deterrence" en español

general deterrence
  • disuasión general

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Flannigan said jail time was warranted in the case because of the need for general deterrence.
He said there was a need for general deterrence, including "the faith the community needs to be able to place in facilities like this".
Therefore, a message has to be sent for general deterrence.
It also serves to caution others against committing similar crime when they see the degree of punishment a convicted person gets (general deterrence).
General deterrence -- the desire to deter others from engaging in similar conduct -- is an important consideration when sentencing convicted offenders.
The university don, who describes himself as a retentionist, faulted statistics that claim that the death penalty does not serve as a general deterrence.
The first error found was a failure to take into account the need for general deterrence for this kind of offending.
Thompson said "denunciation and general deterrence" are the primary considerations for sentencing here.
In its reasons, the panel considered the need to provide general deterrence to the profession.

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