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"general intelligence" en español

general intelligence
  • inteligencia general

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In written examination, they conduct exam on the subjects of general intelligence, reasoning, general science and general awareness.
Putting the scores from the two together will produce a fair estimate of general intelligence: good enough, at least, to boast about in the park.
Simple reaction time measures correlate substantially with measures of general intelligence (g) and are considered elementary measures of cognition.
At four-years-old there was no difference in general intelligence, language, and executive functioning.
The researchers also didn't find any improvements in general intelligence, language, and executive functioning at age four and again at age seven.
Recent evidence from economics and psychology highlights the importance of traits other than general intelligence for success in school and in life.
The strongest effect of bilingualism was seen in general intelligence and reading tests.
There are additional focused courses that zero in to exercise your memory, general intelligence and focus as premium content.
But they're still relevant as a way of determining general intelligence.
The agencies would be concerned about any general intelligence being made public and will be legally represented during the hearings.

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