Qué significa "general malaise" en español


"general malaise" en español

general malaise
  • malestar general

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Food poisoning symptoms are similar to the flu: fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and general malaise.
Her oncologist recommended chemotherapy and radiation, whose side effects can cause nausea and general malaise, in order to extend her life.
Individuals may also experience nausea, vomiting and general malaise.
Initial signs of the disease include fever and general malaise (poor appetite, aches and pain, etc).
They had complaints of weakness, headaches, fever and general malaise.
The general malaise of effective leadership is one of the chronic problems facing this country.
You become part of the general malaise of the hospital.
The mild symptoms include slight fever, general malaise and weakness and headache.
The whole philosophy of detox is based on the unlikely premise that accumulated toxins cause a sluggish metabolism, weight gain, general malaise and so on.
It's good to distinguish between the clinical disorder and the more general malaise.

Ejemplos de uso para "general malaise" en español

EnglishIn the course of the debate on the report, I have mentioned two matters which are still outstanding, but these are merely isolated symptoms of a general malaise.
Durante el debate del informe mencioné dos de los casos que permanecen abiertos, sin embargo, sólo son meros síntomas aislados de una enfermedad.

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