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"general operating" en español

general operating
  • funcionamiento general

Ejemplos de uso para "general operating" en inglés

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Proceeds will be used for general operating purposes, settling current debt, or for potential mineral property acquisitions.
The proceeds will be used for general operating purposes.
The combined ratio increased due to increases in the loss ratio and acquisition ratio, partially offset by a decrease in the general operating expense ratio.
The increase in the general operating expense ratio was primarily due to an increase in technology-related expenses.
Spending is up in the proposed general operating budget with expenditures hitting $339.5 million.
The $566 million proposed general operating budget calls for the elimination of 219 "fulltime equivalent" positions.
However, general operating costs are excluded and interested groups must raise an amount equal to their funding request.
General operating costs are down nearly 40% since 2011 and are already near industry lows.
It can not be used to pay general operating costs.
It said border administration was mired by corruption and red tape -- two things that also weakened general operating environment in the country.

Ejemplos de uso para "general operating" en español

EnglishGeneral operating system updates.
Actualizaciones generales del sistema operativo.
EnglishIt was also less painful than dilatation and curettage, which is often done under general anesthesia in an operating room.
La evacuación quirúrgica para el tratamiento del aborto incompleto generalmente incluye la vacuoextracción o el legrado con cureta.
EnglishThis is an important step toward harmonization, rationalization and transparency in tender procedures, contract award and in the general manner of operating.
Este es un paso importante hacia la armonización, la racionalización y la transparencia de los procedimientos de licitación, la concesión de mercados y en general, de los comportamientos.
English(BG) Today's session is the last one in our Parliament where we can discuss the structure, funding and general operating framework of the European External Action Service.
(BG) La sesión de hoy es la última en nuestro Parlamento en la que podemos discutir la estructura, la financiación y el marco general de funcionamiento del Servicio Europeo de Acción Exterior.

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