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"general repairs" en español

general repairs
  • reparaciones generales

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And note that the general repairs (e.g. speaker) are far easier to accomplish than the screen replacement shown above!
As well the general repairs, new carpets are also required in the main church building and on the altar.
Scientists believe these cells are a body's workhorses, performing general repairs and reducing dangerous inflammation.
This included installing new kitchen equipment, network and wi-fi hardware, general repairs and painting, and blackout curtains.
General repairs are still an important part of the business, along with commercial work for factories and offices.
The funding will support general repairs as well as renovations required for the health and safety of residents, and to address accessibility, vacancies as well as water and energy consumption.
Getting additional help in getting around or in maintaining the house and general repairs incurs costs.
Extensions made up the bulk of the works, followed by general repairs and renovations, window replacement and kitchen renovations.
Men in dirty striped uniforms came to the house, bringing furniture they had made, fitting bunk beds for the children, building an air-raid shelter and carrying out general repairs.
The business is a general repairs workshop that specialises in minor and major chassis repairs, suspension and steering.

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