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"general tendency" en español

general tendency
  • tendencia general

Ejemplos de uso para "general tendency" en inglés

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At the moment, the general tendency of the forecasting crowd is to expect more of the same.
Given the general tendency of value strategies to outperform growth, this should come as no surprise.
The general tendency of the public is to rush out of the place to avoid getting stuck in a jam.
We see the general tendency of the market is to go and buy more on a digital mode.
It is a general tendency to measure the performance of government after one month or one year.
There is a general tendency to play very defensively, opponents who camp in their own half to then play the counter.
There is a general tendency to undervalue assets leading to tax avoidance.
He bemoaned the general tendency to criticise modern music without giving it a proper hearing.
The general tendency to think of millennials as teenagers is flawed as millennials are born after 1980.
For example, the general tendency among amateurs is to ignore the troubles they are likely to face during the descent.

Ejemplos de uso para "general tendency" en español

EnglishThere is a general tendency for the EU to attempt to promote its foreign policy positions.
La UE tiende en general a tratar de promover sus posiciones de política exterior.
EnglishIn general, there is a tendency not to attach enough importance to technology issues in combating poverty.
En general, en los trabajos para combatir la pobreza hay una tendencia a despreciar las tecnologías.
EnglishAs for your other proposals, I support their general tendency, but not the form of words you have chosen.
En cuanto a sus demás propuestas, si bien estoy de acuerdo con la orientación general, no o estoy con la formulación elegida.
Englishthere's a general tendency to …
EnglishThose of us who have worked in this field have seen that the courts have a general tendency to apply their own law, the 'lex fori'.
Los que hemos trabajado en esta materia hemos visto que hay una tendencia general de los tribunales a aplicar su propio Derecho, la Ley del "foro".
EnglishThe Eurodac system is part and parcel of a general tendency to criminalise and penalise immigrants and those who are being persecuted the world over.
El sistema Eurodac forma parte de una iniciativa global de criminalización y de represión de los inmigrantes y de los perseguidos del planeta.
EnglishFor example, desertification may intensify an existing general climatic tendency towards greater dryness, or it may initially arise from a change in the local climate.
Por ejemplo, la desertización podría intensificar la actual tendencia climática general hacia una aridez mayor, o podría surgir inicialmente de un cambio en el clima local.

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