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"generally conservative" en español

generally conservative
  • generalmente conservador

Ejemplos de uso para "generally conservative" en inglés

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Beach volleyball is currently not welcomed in schools, because the mindset here is generally conservative.
In theory, international human rights law should offer some form of protection to such people but jurisprudence is generally conservative.
As bishop, he would have been seen as generally conservative.
He has pledged to select from a list of 21 generally conservative potential nominees.
The valuation is generally conservative as banks only try to recover the amount that is outstanding.
Tuition rates are being held flat, but increasing state support and generally conservative management should support balanced operations over time.
Consumers are generally conservative in their choice of provider, with a bias towards providers they have an existing relationship with.
Generally conservative budgeting and steady, moderate tax rate increases have allowed revenues to keep pace with spending growth, yielding very stable financial results and modest operating surpluses.
This sits somewhat strangely with his generally conservative social policy positions.
The party has a generally conservative stance on social and economic issues.

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