Qué significa "generate a code" en español


"generate a code" en español

generate a code
  • generar un código

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However, the stored procedure doesn't generate the code that creates the new table.
Computer programmers around the world compete to crack an automatically generated code and the first to do so is rewarded with a small stash.
But once downloaded, you do not need an internet connection or even cellular coverage to generate the code.
Many of them don't require an internet connection, instead generating the codes within the app itself.
The language required the compiler to determine or to generate code to determine which processor owned the data for each loop iteration, and assign that iteration to the proper processor.
Dagadu explained he used the app to generate a code at his grandmother's house, and then pasted it on her fridge.
Particularly, we are working on ways to automatically generate codes and correctness proofs and a verified high level language framework allowing increased verification productivity.
First, it was no longer possible to generate a driver's licence without paying at the bank and generating a code that will enable physical capture.
If it generates code that will be run in a user's browser, make sure that the generator also generates a comment line containing that copyright notice.
Localplicity offers the ability to generate codes that allow you to place your deals promotions on your website.

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