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"generate a current" en español

generate a current
  • generar una corriente

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As their name indicates, fuel cell vehicles get their electricity from a fuel cell, which uses an electrochemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen to generate current.
In order to generate current, millions of nanowires are used in a nanogenerator.
Other researchers have used the salinity contrast between freshwater and seawater to produce electricity, but those processes typically require ions to move through a membrane to generate current.
Selling a life insurance policy to generate current income has historically been a controversial practice.
Sierra's investment objective is to generate current income, and to a lesser extent, long-term capital appreciation.
Each stalk will contain alternating layers of electrodes and ceramic discs made from piezoelectric material, which generates a current when put under pressure.
Wrapped within the interior of the ring is a coil of copper, which generates a current when exposed to an alternating magnetic field.
Aided by nanotechnology, the battery employs the difference in salinity between fresh and saltwater to generate a current.
For these reasons, up to 65 percent of photons absorbed by the thinner device are used to generate a current.
This would then be dipped in a solution of lithium ions and an electrolyte, generating a current in the process.

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