Qué significa "generate a response" en español


"generate a response" en español

generate a response
  • generar una respuesta

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That power gives the card enough power to generate a response.
The point of the offense was, in part, to generate a response.
The studies show that a single touch to the trigger hair is enough to generate a response, setting the trap into a "ready-to-go" mode.
With the ability to target specific immune cells to generate a response, the team is excited about the prospects of this new platform.
Customer engagement is the buzz world in the digital marketing space but setting the appropriate level of engagement to generate a response from your target audience is a judgement call.
Desperately trying to generate a response from an audience who had the sense to see through his feeble antics.
Maybe your script is still a bit clunky, emails don't generate the response rates you'd like, or your conversion rates too low.
To prove that a medication works in clinical trials, drug companies select a dose high enough to generate a response in the majority of patients.
In a perfect world that plea would have generated a response.
The work involved town hall meetings across the country, focus groups and a national survey that generated responses including names from more than 5,300 union members and citizens.

Ejemplos de uso para "generate a response" en español

EnglishThis Lineamenta document is intended to generate a response
Este documento de los Lineamenta está destinado a

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