Qué significa "generate a return" en español


"generate a return" en español

generate a return
  • generar una devolución
  • generar un retorno

Ejemplos de uso para "generate a return" en inglés

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Investment in infrastructure often takes time to generate a return.
Japanese businesses will not hire people or invest when consumer demand is not high enough to generate a return.
The bulk of this finance has come from private investors, who aim to generate a return.
The lesson in those words was that every investment needed to generate a return.
Any claim that our pricing is too low is misplaced - we already own these assets and try to generate a return on them where possible.
In order to generate a return on an asset, its owner must often part with possession while continuing to retain ownership.
When an organisation makes the investment in skills and technical resources, it needs to be able to generate a return on that investment.
With private clouds, it takes a large scale to generate a return on investment from this level of technology purchase.
As hedging and leverage are two key tools used by hedge-fund managers to generate returns, these funds are often blamed for causing market crashes.