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"generate advertising revenue" en español

generate advertising revenue
  • generar ingresos publicitarios

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A secondary purpose was to generate advertising revenue by driving traffic to the website through the increased exposure of personal information in search engines.
But the loss of clients could be a troubling sign for a company that relies heavily on maintaining its email users to generate advertising revenue.
Such an approach would cut off funding mechanisms to rogue foreign sites by withholding their ability to generate advertising revenue and their ability to have payments processed.
Locally-produced content is very expensive - higher viewer ratings, which in turn generate advertising revenue, are therefore required to make the investment worthwhile.
Television stations can still generate advertising revenue from this type of broadcast.
Facebook is hoping to counter claims that it can not generate advertising revenue from mobile users.
Clickbait headlines are typically tailored to spark people's curiosity to lead them to stories that don't live up to reader expectations but generate advertising revenue.
Or, given that small producers are being asked to provide free content that will generate advertising revenue, is an international corporation seeking to profit from women's labour?
The links take you to another site with lots and lots of ads, and by clicking you generate advertising revenue for the site owner.
Twitter has struggled to add users and generate advertising revenue, even though it claims a user base of 319 million.

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