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"generate an image" en español

generate an image
  • generar una imagen

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Great computer generated images, including a section with dinosaurs, but this is where my mind started to wander off.
Maps, plans, photographs, renders, computer generated images, street art and signage drive physical changes and are central to perceptions of place and claims to territory.
They paint and mask their faces so much as to look like computer generated images, but their eyes are not hidden.
Using her exhumed skull, sketches have given way to high tech computer generated images, but still no one knows who she is.
A computer generated image of how the apartments may look.
A computer generated image of how the cattle market will look with houses on it.
Before taking the plunge, patients can view a computer generated image of how the teeth will look.
Pictured is a computer generated image of what they would look like.
The powerful technology could one day be used to generate images of criminals from the minds of witnesses.
These echoes red contain the information needed to generate images of fish shoals.

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