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"generate conflict" en español

generate conflict
  • generar conflicto

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The one area where it wasn't -- slavery -- generated a conflict that nearly brought the entire system down.
The absence of moral clarity generated conflict over values and created a demand for symbols and rituals that might confer a measure of coherence on the social and political order.
This occasionally generated conflicts between farmers and indigenous cattle owners.
Without ensuring equal opportunities, we will never be able to resolve inter racial or inter gender or even inter cast generated conflicts and misunderstandings.
Further, this human movement process generates conflicts between migrants and indigenous people as well as within and between the indigenous people too.
You don't just continue this ad-hoc approach that we currently have that bit by bit because it generates conflict.
The borders generate conflicts within them, but have not normally generated conflict across them.
If politics is about wanting to resolve things, about wanting to reach a compromise, what a reality show player does is generate conflict.
By accepting this money, public health organisations "generate a conflict of interest, which introduces a subconscious bias in favour of the donor company," it claimed.
Land is a highly emotive resource that has generated conflicts over the years.

Ejemplos de uso para "generate conflict" en español

EnglishWe must not generate a confusion and conflict of jurisdictions about rights, for that would be the enemy of freedom, justice and security.
No debemos generar confusión ni conflictos de jurisdicciones sobre los derechos, pues ello sería el enemigo de la libertad, la justicia y la seguridad.

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