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"generate data" en español

generate data
  • generar datos

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The key focus is to generate data that can tell us something.
Yes, we need to be empowered with the necessary tools to generate data that will inform policy change.
To that end, there is a need to generate data because data is the basis of any revenue collecting efforts.
To that end, there was a need to generate data because data is the basis of any revenue collecting efforts.
Building management systems, which control indoor climate or lighting, can generate data that can be analyzed to optimize building performance.
Through survey, we can generate data that will give information on the source of such infections and how they are spread.
The remote sensing satellite data on all these factors will be superimposed to generate data for the industry and academia.
Sensors on board these vehicles enable them to generate data on available kerbside spaces.
While a variety of fitness trackers and apps are available, most generate data that users are not able to appropriately interpret.
That can generate data profiles that can be very revealing and used in determining credit scores, marketing predictions and other ways to quantify us.

Ejemplos de uso para "generate data" en español

EnglishAnother problem is that the data we generate should be as homogeneous as possible, and this will entail a degree of harmonisation.
Otro problema es que los datos que generemos deberían ser lo más homogéneos posible, y eso implicará un cierto grado de armonización.

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