Qué significa "generate goodwill" en español


"generate goodwill" en español

generate goodwill
  • generar fondo de comercio
  • generar buena voluntad

Ejemplos de uso para "generate goodwill" en inglés

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Looking to generate goodwill, the government has also floated potentially popular proposals, promising to facilitate early retirement, cut taxes and improve public sector salaries.
Successful settlements require meaningful confidence-building measures to generate goodwill.
Goodwill - when providing the services, does the person generate goodwill in their own business, or in the business of another?
Therefore, they argue, we can generate goodwill and strengthen our nonproliferation efforts by cutting our own nuclear arsenal.
Both ads will generate goodwill for the advertiser.?
Doing so can help generate goodwill since buyers are likely to find that content anyway.
No attempt has been made to generate goodwill amongst the people with whom we will negotiate.
Such programs can boost community spirit and generate goodwill for municipal governments.
The most effective way for advertisers to generate goodwill was to provide music programming, which dominated the airwaves in the '20s.

Ejemplos de uso para "generate goodwill" en español

EnglishFew, for that matter, have organized as big a public relations campaign to generate this goodwill.
Pocos son los que por cierto han organizado una campaña de relaciones públicas tan grande para generar esa buena voluntad.

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