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"generate headline" en español

generate headline
  • generar titular

Ejemplos de uso para "generate headline" en inglés

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Instead, it churns out press releases designed to generate headlines.
Pratt's visit will lead to suspicions that the publicity seeking pair are simply looking to generate headlines.
The 34-year-old has made his mark everywhere he's been, scoring goals, generating headlines and winning titles.
That's sound logic, and these high-profile withdrawals do generate headlines and bring awareness to the criminality of the law.
He receives few visitors these days but generates headlines whenever rumours surface about his waning health.
It was a publicity stunt and it worked really well; we generated headlines around the globe.
I didn't know it was going to (generate headlines).
It's a topic that's generated headlines and accusations of political bias.
It was that blackout that ensured the state's power problems generated headlines across the country.

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