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"generate heat" en español

generate heat
  • generar calor

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It advocates the use of concentrating solar power, whereby mirrors are used to concentrate sunlight into small areas to generate heat.
It also results in savings in cost because of the reduction in the need to generate heat.
The researchers explain that beige cells are similar to "good" brown fat cells, which burn fat in order to generate heat.
We separate solids and liquids, burn the solids to generate heat, and use the heat to dry new incoming solid waste and pasteurize liquid waste.
The methane can be burnt to generate heat and power.
The walls of the trenches were bolstered with horse manure to generate heat and which had to be regularly topped up.
These waves "agitate" water molecules in food and generate heat.
This heat can cause adjacent cells to fail and generate heat, as well, leading to melting materials and fires.
Change in the type of shoes will come handy as they have to stand for a long time on the bitumen-topped roads that generate heat.

Ejemplos de uso para "generate heat" en español

Englishhis article will generate more heat than light
su artículo caldeará los ánimos pero no arrojará nueva luz sobre el tema

Traducciones similares para generate heat en español

heat sustantivo
heat adjetivo
on heat adjetivo
to heat verbo
in heat adjetivo
to come on heat verbo