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"generate noise" en español

generate noise
  • generar ruido

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And then that air drag starts to generate noise.
In recent years it struggled to deliver successful artists, instead depending on altering its lineup of celebrity judges to generate noise.
These days, if you are bringing out an album, it has to be well packaged, it has to generate noise.
Why do you need grinning cheerleaders to generate noise?
The research will fuel criticism of wind farms which are already unpopular among many local communities who say they blight the landscape, generate noise and may disrupt wildlife.
These indicies do two things -- generate noise and a false sense of certainty.
They worry the steady stream of trucks in and out of the facility will pollute the air, generate noise and clog up the already busy commuter roads.
He said the plan will generate noise and light pollution, disturbing nearby residents.
Please be advised that striping removal will generate noise and dust.
The more power a signal has, the more it will essentially bump into inner material of the cable and generate noise, disrupting the data.

Ejemplos de uso para "generate noise" en español

EnglishExhaust fumes and the lack of traffic safety were accepted as part of the deal, as well as the noise cars generate.
Las emisiones de gases y la inseguridad vial se aceptaban como normales, al igual que el ruido ocasionado por los coches.
EnglishIn the final analysis that will probably benefit the very people who generate all the noise at tourism undertakings.
Eso, en última instancia, beneficiará incluso a los propios autores de los ruidos producidos por las empresas turísticas.
EnglishThey create growth and prosperity, and provide a link between regions, but they also generate noise and pollution and take up space.
Generan crecimiento y prosperidad y construyen vínculos entre regiones, pero también generan ruido y contaminación y ocupan espacio.
EnglishBy using state-of-the-art technology, it is possible to produce aircraft which generate six times less noise than aircraft thirty years ago.
Los medios de la técnica moderna hacen posible fabricar aeronaves que hacen seis veces menos ruido que los aviones de hace cuarenta años.

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