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"generate pressure" en español

generate pressure
  • generar presión

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His low center of gravity as a rusher helps generate pressure, but he can misstep upfield and is susceptible to pulling and trap blocks, and backfield blockers at times.
The defence is old, and the line struggled to generate pressure at times.
As part of this process, the shellfish generate pressure gradients in the sediment that move the water sitting between the grains of sand.
Nashville averages only 2.5 goals and allows 3.2, correctly reflecting the fact that it hasn't been able to consistently generate pressure or prevent opponents from doing the same.
She said the team's ability to generate pressure has been vital.
Wind power has been used for thousands of years to push sails, power windmills, or to generate pressure for water pumps.
These extinguishers will direct a beam of low-frequency sound at the flame and generate pressure waves in air to eliminate the oxygen supply from the fire.
But it is also a fact that politicians generate pressure outside to influence what is happening inside.
Joseph's ability to use a variety of tactics to generate pressure jumped off the film.
If there is a fish hiding nearby, then its body will spasm and the spasm will generate pressure waves in the water.

Ejemplos de uso para "generate pressure" en español

EnglishFinally, we must avoid any conflicts of interest because they may immediately generate suspicion of undue pressure in public opinion.
Por último, debemos evitar cualquier conflicto de intereses, ya que ello puede generar de manera inmediata la sospecha de presiones indebidas entre la opinión pública.
EnglishOn the contrary, only challenging targets will generate the necessary pressure to innovate and this is the only way in which our industry will remain at the cutting edge.
Por el contrario, solo unos objetivos ambiciosos generarán la presión necesaria para innovar y esta es la única manera de que nuestra industria se mantenga a la vanguardia.

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