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generate solutions
  • generar soluciones

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By working together, organisations can gain new knowledge, apply their combined skills and expertise to generate solutions to new demands and develop innovative products to meet them.
Participants in the hackathon event were challenged to generate solutions to improve agricultural, industrial and residential water consumption.
Unilever is not the only multinational using crowdsourcing to generate solutions to global sustainability challenges.
We need the benefit of their higher-order critical thinking to be sufficiently able to generate solutions to the challenges our people face daily.
If, however, humanists are the cause of their own crisis, they ought to be able to generate solutions.
Problems such as how to schedule deliveries with a fleet of vehicles, taxi scheduling, or how to display goods on supermarket shelves, need similar approaches to generate solutions.
The initial six-month term suggested he might have been hired to deflect attention from the government's troubles more than to generate solutions.
It is a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems.
It lies in an ability to put many different types of information together, analyse the data and generate solutions to problems.
People are confronted with problems with the world and generate solutions to them, ideas which are then translated by governments and markets into real, life-saving solutions.

Ejemplos de uso para "generate solutions" en español

EnglishThe General Conference ICOM 2007 intends to be a forum to discuss and generate ideas and solutions to bridge the gap between these different expectations.
La Conferencia General del ICOM 2007 pretende ser un foro en el que se debatan y generen ideas y soluciones encaminadas a salvar la brecha existente entre esas diferentes expectativas.
EnglishThus, Romania has lost an important political lever and the possibility to generate European solutions regarding the issue of integrating the Roma people into European society.
Así pues, Rumanía ha perdido una importante palanca política y la posibilidad de generar soluciones europeas en cuanto al tema de integrar a la población romaní en la sociedad europea.

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