Qué significa "generate speed" en español


"generate speed" en español

generate speed
  • generar velocidad

Ejemplos de uso para "generate speed" en inglés

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The fan is powered by a 4,500 horsepower motor, generating speeds up to 138 miles per hour during testing.
Riders on mats travel a steep decline to generate speed and then race each other to the finish.
With a wing similar to that of an airplane's, the boats are able to generate speeds three times that of the wind.
The height helps generate speed and torpedo-like glide.
His ability to generate speed between his big turns puts him a step ahead of his competition every time he enters the water.
And with an unusual, whippy action that generates speeds in excess of 140kph, the 25-year-old is living proof of his profound statement.
Add his ability to generate speed through his bowling arm, and you get a completely different type of bowler.
Because he's such a power athlete, he generates speed for such a big man, but if we get overly focused on him (could be counterproductive).
People have long played tricks with the latter, showing that some setups can generate speeds faster than the universal speed limit, since it doesn't apply.

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