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"generate wealth" en español

generate wealth
  • generar riqueza

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Investors recognize that while it can take decades or generations to generate wealth, it can disappear rapidly.
The first sentence of the article advises that when buying property to generate wealth, keep your cool and plan carefully.
There are other even more profitable ways to generate wealth.
They simply do not understand or know how to generate wealth.
You attack the ability to generate wealth -- there are no savings!
Can we change our production and consumption patterns to generate wealth from what we currently designate as waste?
Swachhata has a cascading impact on national development and the potential to generate wealth from waste.
Our most productive population was forcibly sold to foreigners to generate wealth for other nations.
This means that the opportunities to generate wealth for this region abound.
He said the people will generate wealth by keying into the value chain development of oil palm, cassava, cocoa and vegetable.

Ejemplos de uso para "generate wealth" en español

EnglishGATT was going to increase the international trade in agricultural produce and generate wealth.
El GATT iba a incrementar el comercio internacional en productos agrícolas y a generar riqueza.
EnglishThis would help improve the quality of life, create jobs (with rights) and generate (fairly distributed) wealth.
Esto ayudaría a mejorar la calidad de vida, a crear empleo (con derechos) y a generar riqueza (distribuida de manera justa).
EnglishThe fact remains that the number of European SMEs quoted on the markets is very low in relation to their potential to generate wealth and employment.
No obstante, el número de PYME europeas valoradas en los mercados es muy débil comparado con su potencial de creación de riqueza y de empleos.

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