Qué significa "generating business" en español


"generating business" en español

generating business
  • generación de negocios
  • generando negocios

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Although consulting is a high revenue generating business, the key challenge is to get the right skilled resources.
If not, you'll have to use a more nuanced approach given the opportunities you have and the likelihood of converting those into revenue generating business.
After the games, the heliport will be used for chopper travel within the region, promoting travel and tourism, and generating business.
This attracts millions of people from across the world to the country, increasing footfalls and generating business.
Also, generating business in an online economy is tougher if the person has fewer technological skills.
Hence, it is more suitable for the long-term investors looking at the asset-backed stable cash flow generating business.
Our company is evolving from a food community, generating business by leveraging technology and data science.
A social enterprise is a revenue generating business that advances social and environmental causes.
Imagine if company directors saw their role as not just generating business ideas, but demanding their ideas be implemented without careful examination.
This in turn benefits organisations by ensuring their data is more accurate and up to date, enabling it to be more useful for generating business.

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