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generating companies
  • empresas generadoras

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He reported that monthly meetings are held by government with the generating companies and transmission companies.
The discoms would ask for quotes from the generating companies and the lowest bidder would supply power.
He expressed hope that generating companies would improve their generation and so improve the volume of electricity distribution to customers.
There will be competition between and among generating companies where prices will be market-driven and competitive.
Since government is at a loss on how to compel generating companies to introduce new capacity, only death, taxes and brownouts are certain.
Our electricity system comprises a number of competing or stand-alone generating companies which supply electricity through a wholesale market.
These were broken into 174 for generating companies and 157 for distributing companies.
Hydel power generation has now come to a standstill with many generating companies stalling their operations on account of high silt content in water.
Despite this moderate improvement in power supply, there were days generating companies witnessed total or partial system collapse.
Government's intervention helped the gas company to allocate some gas to generating companies.

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