Qué significa "generating data" en español


"generating data" en español

generating data
  • generar datos
  • generación de datos

Ejemplos de uso para "generating data" en inglés

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But it also meant creating a system for generating data about how music sounded -- and creating a program to power recommendation.
On top of that, there are already about 1 trillion sensors generating data.
By generating data like this in the lab, researchers will be able to build large-scale digital models of these processes.
The investigators say they are about a year away from seeing the tangible effects of this technology, and they are already generating data that will inform future clinical trials.
This was started only six months ago but scientists are yet to start generating data.
Smaller companies are generating data in proportion to their size.
You're generating data about yourself, about your environment, and you want to be able to reason over all of that.
But with advances in genomics, imaging and other technologies, biologists are now generating data at crushing speeds.
I think we have a lot of opportunities to design clever, hypothesis-driven experiments like this, instead of just generating data.
In crowdfunding, generating data to support your assertions and promises is key to gaining the confidence of your potential donors.

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