Qué significa "generating leads" en español


"generating leads" en español

generating leads
  • generación de clientes potenciales
  • generando clientes potenciales

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Inbound digital marketing -- a must for generating leads!
The readers were enjoying the ability to access information, and the advertisers found a new outlet for generating leads.
Too bad only 15% of managers think that social media profiles are very important or extremely important for generating leads.
Content is the main driver to generating leads.
If you want to make money you'll need to develop a systematic approach to generating leads, building relationships, closing deals, and creating customer loyalty.
They also believed small businesses could reduce significantly the cost-per-lead ratio, by generating leads at a lower cost.
Generating leads is an all-important task for businesses and especially so for solo traders, start-ups and smaller businesses.
We can assume that well-optimized presence versus absence in local search results in a 100% greater likelihood of generating leads.
To me, there is no point investing time, money and energy to generating leads if the return is not going to be fully leveraged.
You can save close to 80% of your costs in generating leads.

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