Qué significa "generating source" en español


"generating source" en español

generating source
  • generación de origen
  • generando fuente

Ejemplos de uso para "generating source" en inglés

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The aim of the training was to empower the family with income generating source.
Yet, the diversification of livelihood created small-scale income generating source.
The sales tax is the top revenue generating source of federal tax receipts.
How does wind meet the criteria every electrical generating source must meet?
Ontario now has a clean, reliable system with a modern, diverse mix of generating sources.
If we had a well-established generating source here, there are certain types of industries around the world that seek out this type of footprint for location of their services.
This liver blood also acts as a generating source of menstrual blood.
Rather than create a market in which the producer must innovate and lower costs to be competitive with other generating sources, companies spend more resources lobbying to receive these extensions.

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