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"generating station" en español

generating station
  • estación generadora

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A new website is also seeking public input on three possible options for the generating station.
He said the second project is facing problems regarding its linkage with the generating station.
Instead, it saw the opportunity in the generating station, a structure it couldn't sell or knock down because power still actively flowed through it.
The facility is to include 10 buildings housing the various parts of the generating station, including gas turbines, steam generators and water treatment facilities.
However, costs for the troubled project ballooned to around $11.4 billion, mostly due to problems stemming from delays involving the power generating station.
The most impressive artifact though is the power generating station.
It will feature three viewing platforms atop the generating station and a new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists across the intake channel.
The main civil construction work includes building the earth filled dam, a foundation for the generating station and spillways and tow diversion tunnels.
Imagine, for example, a promoter of an electricity generating station.
In the late 1800s, the gas works were built on the south bank of the canal followed shortly by an electricity generating station.

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