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"generating system" en español

generating system
  • sistema de generación

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With only the dim light of a flashlight, we struggle to fix the generating system.
The plan gives a comprehensive view of the existing generating system, future electricity demand and future power generation options in the country.
Its free service is advertising-based and allows listeners access to its music and comedy catalogs and personalized playlist generating system for free across all of its delivery platforms.
Citizens have realized the cost of installing solar power generating system is not a hindrance to move forward.
Using and regulating a solar power generating system with battery storage requires a power inverter and sophisticated energy-management technology.
Including the new sound generating system they are working on.
Without heavy subsidies, a solar farm that mimics a centralised generating system is absolutely uneconomical.
Many communities are under pressure to increase the capacity of their generating system to serve growing populations and fuel economic growth.
Investigators initially pointed to an onboard oxygen generating system that pilots used to breathe as a possible cause.
Solar wind hybrid power system is a consolidated power generating system which generates power by solar energy panel and windmill.

Ejemplos de uso para "generating system" en español

EnglishIn so doing I am basing myself on economic liberalism, which is the system generating the most efficient, effective and best quality production, provided certain guidelines are observed.
Mi postura se basa en el liberalismo económico, que es el sistema que genera la producción más eficiente, eficaz y de mejor calidad, siempre que se respeten una serie de directrices.

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