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"generation inherit" en español

generation inherit
  • generación heredar

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I think ensuring that the next generation inherits a world better than the one we were born into is the ultimate humanitarian and divine act.
One that reforms our tax system so that the next generation inherits a strong economy.
The second generation inherits it and grows the family fortune while the third generation squanders it and destroys the business.
Should the next generation inherit the same nonsense?
I was about 10 when our generation inherited the end of a world war.
The tradition of custom-made shoemaking, which saw generations inherit the business, is one such.
When one generation inherits burdensome debt without consent their freedom is curtailed because their fate is bound until it is repaid.
My generation inherited the sweet spot of opportunity.
Because of this feverish pursuit of wealth, each generation inherits a diminished natural world.

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