Qué significa "generation of family" en español


"generation of family" en español

generation of family
  • generación de familia

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The agency is currently in its fourth generation of family ownership.
The agency is in its fourth generation of family ownership.
Multiple generations of families are showing up together.
Storytelling has been an effective means of engaging multiple generations of family as well as within family business.
What is your opinion on the second generation of family actors in the film industry?
She has established herself as a leader among the new generation of family law attorneys by combining almost a decade of experience with an energetic, aggressive, and innovative style.
You see the importance of one generation of family to the next, dear readers of mine, is how we share our lifestyles.
Their lifestyle can continue through generations of families.
The company, which is now the world's most profitable toymaker, is currently in its third generation of family ownership.
I've heard a lot of stories in my short time here about different families and their previous generation of family members being in this building.

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