Qué significa "generation of feminists" en español


"generation of feminists" en español

generation of feminists
  • generación de feministas

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Hardline feminists favouring legalization don't persuade a younger generation of feminists, who are more canny about pay and power.
Today, "womanist" also resonates with a younger generation of feminists, not all of them black.
On the other side of the fence, many young women continue to resent being patronised and policed by older generation of feminists.
I could just as easily ask the older generation of feminists why they let it get this bad?
How far will we go in destroying women's equality before a new generation of feminists wakes up?
And it comes in the form of the next generation of feminists.
Certainly there is more work to be done, and the current generation of feminists are fighting those battles.
All three authors are part of my generation of feminists.
A notion partly created by media stereotype, there was some truth in it: a first generation of feminists was slowly emerging.
I think it will be great when this generation of feminists dies off thus leaving their prehistoric ideas behind.

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