Qué significa "generation of youngsters" en español


"generation of youngsters" en español

generation of youngsters
  • generación de jóvenes

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Unlike their parents, this is a generation of youngsters who have no historical memory of apartheid.
We are helping create a generation of youngsters who are blind to the needs of others and the necessity of hard work.
A unique opportunity to engage a generation of youngsters in winning on the sporting stage, the biggest one of all.
Rafique's historic goal will be an inspiration to a generation of youngsters in the country.
That was inspirational for that whole generation of youngsters, when they saw what the adults were achieving.
The present generation of youngsters have fire in their belly, prove their mettle in their career.
We are highly motivated to promote football across the country and to inspire a new generation of youngsters.
Inadequate production of food accompanied by the nutritionally deficient agricultural produces is affecting the generation of youngsters.
We can not allow these devices to become a first step to long-term regular smoking for a generation of youngsters.
The shocking study reveals how little the latest generation of youngsters know about the foods they eat and the animals that produce them.

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