Qué significa "generation of youth" en español


"generation of youth" en español

generation of youth
  • generación de jóvenes

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It will address the needs of the next generation of youth, but not the current generation.
Paveallows accredited investors to invest in the next generation of youth.
What made it special was seeing the kids that were his campers all those years ago leading the next generation of youth.
A generation of youth is confessing insanity and demon-possession over their lives.
As such, it carries a powerful base of cultural release which has solidly captivated a generation of youth as a renegade route to respect.
He said that the present generation of youth was not as inclined towards spirituality and was more into movies, concerts and social media.
It appears nothing else is afoot, and a whole generation of youth is in the wasting sway of whining, mistaking it for grander things.
His entry into politics also brought a new generation of youth into mainstream politics.
Furthermore, with hundreds of schools closed, the education of an entire generation of youth has been interrupted indefinitely.

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