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"generational change" en español

generational change
  • cambio generacional

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As the team itself underwent a generational change, he became fallible.
The provision of one lac scholarships to the deserving but bright boys and girls purely on merit represents a generational change.
There will be a generational change, but it won't be a generational change that causes a change of regime.
But beyond that it is not clear how far the pressure for "generational change" will be met.
However, the "generational change" did bring new players to files that affect farmers.
The persistent failure and negative consequences of drug war policies, combined with budgetary woes and generational change, are mainstreaming reformist ideas once considered taboo.
This is the time for innovative leadership and generational change.
But is such a state desirable, given that throughout history radical change has been facilitated generational change?
Without doubt, though, the most critical challenge involves generational change.
She plans to write a book on generational change -- one that's introspective.

Ejemplos de uso para "generational change" en español

EnglishThe issue of generational change will be one of our concerns.
La cuestión del cambio generacional será una de nuestras preocupaciones.
EnglishUnder the new common agricultural policy, the generational change must therefore be regarded as one of the priorities.
Por lo tanto, el recambio generacional debe considerarse una prioridad en el marco de la nueva política agrícola común.
EnglishWith a generational change in Korea, anti-Communism based on the traumatic experience of the Korean War has lost its appeal.
Tras un cambio generacional en Corea, el anticomunismo basado en la experiencia traumática de la Guerra de Corea ha perdido su atractivo.
EnglishGenerational change in agriculture is a strategic issue that is important for the future of the European Union and affects all European Union citizens.
El cambio generacional en la agricultura es una cuestión estratégica importante para el futuro de la Unión Europea y afecta a todos los ciudadanos de la Unión Europea.

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