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generational cycles
  • ciclos generacionales

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As our readers may know, we're suckers for the theory that markets move in generational cycles.
So it's only right we weight performance in accordance with generational cycles.
The village, originally built to house 6000 athletes, is now a centre for disadvantage that has seen generational cycles of unemployment perpetuated.
But he is philosophical about the street's recent changes, and the generational cycles that will inevitably transform the block again, just as they have so many times before.
It's as though he fell through a wormhole dropping him several generational cycles into the future.
As children fall behind their peers, the likelihood of leaving school early, joblessness, obesity and poor health becomes ever greater, leading to generational cycles of inequality.
In previous generations, breaking generational cycles may have required moving out of state or going to college.
But there are also generational cycles of poverty that no amount of standardized testing is ever going to solve.
Generational cycles are a challenge for everyone.

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