Qué significa "generator fail" en español


"generator fail" en español

generator fail
  • error del generador
  • fallo del generador

Ejemplos de uso para "generator fail" en inglés

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An attempt to light up the scene failed when a generator failed to work.
He said the patients died after a generator failed to start when the power went off.
The generator failed to kick in -- luckily the anaesthetic machine had a spare battery.
As a rule of thumb, they want the system to stay up even if their biggest generator fails.
The key thing to note here is that the backup generator failed.
The hospital's main generator failed three months ago.
An emergency generator failed after the crash, and water-tight compartment doors didn't work properly.
We are investigating to establish why the generators failed to automatically pick after this morning's outage.
Although the reactors shut down properly, off-site electricity was lost and backup generators failed.

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