Qué significa "generator kick" en español


"generator kick" en español

generator kick
  • patada del generador
  • patada generadora

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But instead of running 16 hours a day or more, the generator kicks in for only a brief spell at night.
But when the generator kicks in, it produces a steady thrum that your ears easily detect.
Until the generator kicks in, the lights flicker back on, the music starts up again and the show goes on.
When the generator kicks in, the audience is back in the medical battalion for some more songs, with the performers once again encouraging the audience to join in.
Banks of batteries give the building 20 minutes of backup power before the diesel generators kick in.
Six diesel generators kick in when the town needs backup power.
When the power failed, the generator kicked in immediately, with power supplied to all essential circuits.
After about a minute in total darkness, the generators kicked in, and the lights went back on.
Both of the generators kicked in on schedule when the power failed.

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