Qué significa "generator power" en español


"generator power" en español

generator power
  • potencia del generador
  • energía generadora

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Roadblocks around the country also prevented injured protesters from reaching the main state hospital, which was working on generator power.
Shorefront hotels and houses were lashed with waves, two piers were destroyed and at least one hospital was forced to run on generator power.
The major tourist hotels are on generator power.
Two piers were destroyed, and at least one hospital was forced to run on generator power.
Generator power is available only for a few hours every day.
Generator power is not enough to operate the ski lifts.
She had made a couple of calls to family, thanks to the generator power.
And, he says some businesses spend three times as much for generator power.
Ambulances were not able to leave the hospital, which had lost its electricity and was using generator power, he said.
The company has ceased mining operations and electricity is being provided by generator power as the fire destroyed a section of a transmission line providing power to the site.

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