Qué significa "generator produce" en español


"generator produce" en español

generator produce
  • generador de producción
  • productor de generador

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The wind generators produce around three times the power used by the households.
Nigeria leads the world in personal generator ownership where generators produce more than double the electricity than the local power grid.
They are not actually chlorine-free: a generator produces the sanitising agent instead of requiring chlorine to be directly added into the water.
Because this vaporisation is not perfect; during the process of combustion, there is a residue left out which is the carbon monoxide that the generator produces when working.
Heat recovery system generator produces steam by utilizing exhaust gas which can further be used for captive power generation or cogeneration.
A gas-powered generator produces an alternating current of 5,000 watts...
A signal generator produces signals that are used as a stimulus for electronic measurements.
Even retailers with generators produce energy for the pool and consume additional energy from the pool.
The generators produce power from pressurised steam created by the heat from the nuclear reactor core.
The generator produces clean energy than can be used as an emergency power supply or even as a day to day charger.

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