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generic description
  • descripción genérica

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Each particular amendment will have to be identified by a generic description.
They've named him but once again, a picture would help - it's a bit of a generic description.
It's as though the generic description of comedy is now the default position, applied for want of a better word.
Some might be considered antique, but none would be of any value were it not for the history of ownership from which they derive the generic description of "celebrity memorabilia".
Hitherto, cohors praetoria had been a generic description of the body of troops detailed, ad hoc, for the protection of a general on campaign.
A lot of people fit this generic description, so what sets truly inspiring leaders apart from the rest of the pack?
This is, unfortunately, an incredibly generic description.
People use the term as a generic description for bleeding, itching, pain or discharge.

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