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generic drug
  • medicamento genérico
  • medicamentos genéricos

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Additionally, the survey examined common business strategies and regulations being leveraged by global generic drug companies for market expansion.
The top global generic drug companies by revenue are also examined, including financial performance and recent activity within the market.
At the time, the painkiller was in the news because of a recall of the generic drug.
However, analysts are wary of the price erosion on introduction of the generic drug.
The practice was effectively made illegal in 2003 on the grounds that they postponed substantial consumer savings from lower generic drug prices and were anticompetitive.
These policies aim to lower generic drug prices over the next few years with an eventual target of about 25% of the brand price.
This facility will manufacture desiccant canisters, the primary desiccant platform for high-speed, high-volume packaging lines, often the case for generic drug manufacturers.
What are the most important factors hindering or delaying generic drug approvals?
Their stamp of approval is required by foreign regulators considering allowing a generic drug to be sold.
What governmental policies are significantly influencing generic drug usage?

Ejemplos de uso para "generic drug" en español

EnglishHowever, it also gives a signal to generic drug manufacturers to use the Bolar provisions.
Sin embargo, también anima a los fabricantes de medicamentos genéricos a hacer uso de las disposiciones Bolar.
EnglishIt should also make for a change in stance from bidders from around the world and from the generic drug producers.
Asimismo debería suponer un cambio de la posición de los oferentes de todo el mundo y de los productores de medicamentos genéricos.
EnglishHarmonising data exclusivity in the European Union will particularly promote research, and at the same time make the task of generic drug manufacturers easier.
La armonización de la exclusividad de datos en la Unión Europea promoverá en particular la investigación, y al mismo tiempo facilitará la tarea de los fabricantes de fármacos genéricos.

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