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"generic product" en español

generic product
  • producto genérico

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For example, track the premium that people are willing to pay for your product over a generic product, and use the resulting data as a proxy for brand strength.
Most beef is sold as a generic product, but the rising cost of inputs could result in grass-fed production offering a special niche with added health benefits.
Offering a generic product -- a simple newsletter or a vaguely-defined promise of updates -- seldom cuts it.
Following the clearance, sanofi-aventis released a statement expressing concern that equivalent efficacy and safety had not been established for the generic product.
The classic brief -- associate our name with the generic product.
The membrane unit is a generic product that can be purchased from any membrane suppliers.
Currently, plain vanilla currency options require adherence to stringent suitability and appropriateness norms although they are considered a generic product while forward contracts are exempt from the same.
Mylan's decision to produce a generic product at half the cost is a smooth move, but it likely won't stave off the mounting criticism.
But a trademark is not a lifetime guarantee, and companies can lose the legal rights to a word if it becomes synonymous with a generic product or service.

Ejemplos de uso para "generic product" en español

EnglishThat is why I proposed, in particular, what I shall refer to as the 'euro-generic' product.
Por este motivo he propuesto, en particular, lo que llamaré el producto «eurogenérico».
EnglishThat is why I proposed, in particular, what I shall refer to as the 'euro-generic ' product.
Por este motivo he propuesto, en particular, lo que llamaré el producto« eurogenérico».
EnglishThe medicine concerned may be either patented or a generic product.
Puede tratarse de una especialidad patentada o de un producto genérico.
EnglishIn the Netherlands, I have noticed that the price of a generic product there is higher than the price of the original medicine in a large number of Member States.
En los Países Bajos me he fijado que el precio de un producto genérico allí es más alto que el precio del medicamento original en un gran número de Estados miembros.
EnglishIn fact, I should also like to take this opportunity to issue a warning that speeding up the launch of a generic product will not automatically lead to lower costs.
De hecho, también quisiera aprovechar esta oportunidad para advertir que la aceleración del lanzamiento de un genérico no dará lugar automáticamente a una reducción de los costes.

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