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generic skills
  • habilidades genéricas

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We should be sceptical of claims that it is possible to teach generic skills, which can then be used in a multitude of ways.
Generic skills need to be developed in specific disciplinary and professional contexts.
There are key generic skills that need to be developed.
There are a lot of generic skills needed in the industry now.
Often, the outcomes set in the college sector include not only relevant content but also the acquisition of generic skills such as team-based problem solving.
Pitching the curriculum in terms of "traditional content" versus "generic skills" creates a false choice.
Though many graduates have generic skills, it is not up to the level which is required by the industry, she added further.
The idea is to keep picking up industry-relevant technical skills and essential generic skills throughout working life.
Cultural activities, such as mentorship programmes, debate, writing, and community projects complement academic literacy and empower students with generic skills that are much-needed to develop various careers.
Efforts must be made to integrate the inculcation of these generic skills within early childhood, primary and secondary educational institutions.

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